Dr. Williams has permanently discontinued much of his private practice but continues to provide consultation to select government agencies and law firms on a limited basis.

This website material is being retained for background and informational purposes.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dr. Williams is dedicated to providing the highest standard of psychological consultation, focusing on forensic and psycho-legal evaluations.


Since 1987, his expertise has been sought in many areas, including:


Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Criminogenic Assessment

Sexual Offender Assessment

Violent Offender Assessment

Immigration-Related Assessment

Risk Assessment

Case Management Assessment

Disability Assessment


An interview with Dr. Williams by Shaw TV host David Berner, April 3, 2014:

What others are saying:


“Having worked with Dr. Williams for many years, I can say without hesitation that his psychological reports have been of tremendous value to my clients in their legal processes. His focussed psychological analysis as set out in his consultation reports has facilitated an understanding of our clients’ circumstances and has contributed positively to the adjudication process."


Catherine Sas, QC


Vancouver, BC

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